If You Love French Press Coffee, You Need This Ingenious $15 Amazon Find

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someone pouring coffee into a ceramic mug from a french press
Credit: Joe Lingeman

Whenever I visit my friend Mariya’s apartment, I leave feeling inspired by her kitchen. She has a cheerful, stylish taste when it comes to tools and decor — naturally, she’s an Always Pan fan — and I like how she creates a sense of joy in her kitchen simply through the small objects she adds to it. They make the space more relaxing, and compared to repainting the walls or replacing lights or appliances, they’re an extremely affordable and accessible path toward having a kitchen you love being in.

My favorite of Mariya’s functional decor finds is her collection of French press cozies. These covers can be made from a variety of fabrics (hers are boiled wool) and they go over your French press to keep the coffee inside nice and hot. You can find ones with intricate designs sewn into them that speak to your style, but even a plain one adds a nice touch of coziness to your morning routine. In fact, I found a great option for just $15.

This cover is made of insulating neoprene and fits most standard-sized French press coffee makers. It wraps around the body and secures with a velcro strap — kind of like you’re dressing up your French press in a little jacket. In addition to preventing your coffee from going cold, which is a real problem with French presses since they usually don’t have any insulation, the cover protects you from accidentally burning yourself on the glass when it’s full of piping-hot java. The neoprene material is also machine-washable in case any coffee drips on it.

Because my French press machine doesn’t have metal feet, I end up putting a tea towel under it to reduce heat loss. This cover would be a much more effective way to keep my morning brew warm and serve as a kind of airbag in case I knock my French press over (it’s made entirely of glass and I’m always nervous about breaking it). If you want a less modern aesthetic, try one of these hand-crocheted options in your choice of eight colors. They have an adorable button closure and look like tiny sweaters — which is the perfect kind of coziness to have with a cup of coffee.

Credit: Amazon

These French press covers are so cute, practical, and affordable, I wonder why I hadn’t learned about them earlier. These smart accessories make excellent gifts for the coffee lovers in your life (remember: Mother’s Day is coming soon) and will help your French press do a better job of delivering a hot cup of joe. Pick one up today and see the spark of joy it brings to your coffee time.