This $9 “Boho” Amazon Storage Gem Doubles as Decor (and Adds a Pop of Color!)

published Mar 5, 2024
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Hanging rope fruit basket in cabinet
Credit: Meg Asby

As obsessed as I am with hammocks in general (neurodivergent family, here — we own six), I only just discovered the glory of a fruit hammock. And I’m here to tell you all about it.

To the uninitiated, a fruit hammock is exactly what it sounds like. Shaped like its human-sized counterpart, this macramé fruit bowl attaches under a shelf or cabinet and gently stores fresh produce. I purchased the Zarami fruit hammock on sale on Amazon for only $8.99, and my produce has never been prettier or happier. Plus, it’s good for so much more than just food!

Here are just a few of the reasons why I love my new fruit hammock:

1. It’s easy to install.

The rectangular Zarami fruit hammock comes with four screw-in hooks. In less than five minutes, I attached the hammock to the base of a pantry shelf, no tools required. My shelves are thick enough to screw the hooks all the way in, but I left a little room to see what would happen. The hammock still easily holds the weight of all my produce, so even if you have thin cabinetry, this solution can still work. If you need a renter-friendly option, this version comes with adhesive hooks.

2. It utilizes formerly wasted space.

I was storing exactly nothing on the underside of my pantry shelf, and now that space is full of fresh fruit. Just make sure you have about 10 inches of vertical space, as the hammock takes up more room when full. 

3. I don’t forget to eat fruit. 

As soon as I open my pantry, the produce snacks are at eye level. It’s like a bowl of candy on my desk, except fresher. (This goes for whatever you decide to put in it — maybe protein bars or kid-friendly snacks are a good fit for you!).  

Credit: Meg Asby

4. My fruits and veggies are happier. 

The hammock stores my produce gently with plenty of airflow, which means I can say goodbye to bruised fruit and hello to even ripening. Just remember, the normal rules apply: Some fruits and veggies don’t play well with others, so be sure to store them separately, or eat them quickly.  

5. It doubles as decor.

I’ll be honest; the reason I put the hammock in my pantry was because I thought it would look cluttered out in the open, under my cabinets. But I was wrong! I love the boho vibes and splash of color it brings to my pantry. Add that to the fact that it creates storage out of thin air, and this little bargain is a small space game-changer