Yves Béhar Redesigns the SodaStream

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

The SodaStream, which was invented in 1903 and reached peak popularity in the 70s and 80s, has always looked pretty much the same… until now. The company hired Swiss designer Yves Béhar to give the iconic brand a redesign for the new SodaStream Source, and Béhar’s design mantra—”reduce and refine”—is evident in the redesign. The new look is much more contemporary and streamlined!

The new SodaStream also features an LED display to show carbonation settings. Béhar tells Phaidon:

Disposable water bottles are going away, and so they should… The design of Source was a process of elimination. Starting with the larger volume, we chiseled off the functional areas and sculpted transitions. The resulting form is the quality we focused on for the design of the SodaStream Source. It achieves its great feel through refined mechanical ingenuity.

The new SodaStream will be shown at next week’s Milan’s International Design Fair. (And The Kitchn will be there! Stay tuned for more on that.)

(Images: Yves Béhar, Sodastream via Phaidon)