You’ve Been Storing Natural Peanut Butter All Wrong

updated Apr 30, 2019
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(Image credit: Sheila Fitzgerald)

Let me guess? When you get home from the grocery store, you grab that jar of natural peanut butter that you picked up in a bid to eat healthier breakfasts, and you toss it on the upper shelf of your pantry and then forget about it for about three weeks until you get a sudden craving for toast. That’s all well and good. Almost. Because if you’re storing the container in your pantry right side up, then you might want to reconsider.

Of course, no one would blame you if you had never thought to make sure the tub is upside down, but as an article in PureWow pointed out, that is probably the best way to store it. Now, most of us have been eating peanut butter from childhood, and I bet you never saw your mom or dad insist on storing the peanut butter upside down. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a good reason to start adopting the method now.

Here’s why: All the oil in the container usually gathers at the top, which creates this liquid pool that you have to deal with every time you want to eat your peanut butter. If you flip the jar upside down, on the other hand, the natural oils from the nuts will distribute evenly throughout the jar, which ensures that you won’t get that slightly gross liquid at the top.

Now keep in mind that this method only applies to natural peanut butter. If you’re a Jif loyalist — and there is nothing wrong with that — then you can keep on storing your peanut butter jars right side up like you always have (because peanut butters like Jif don’t contain the same concentration of oil). But if you’re tired of having to give your peanut butter a vigorous stir every time you open the jar, then just make sure it stands upside down in your pantry.

How do you store your peanut butter?