YouTube for the Cook

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Google bought YouTube for $1.65 billion in stock on Monday. The deal is the buzz of the Web this week with The New York Times calling YouTube “the video-sharing phenomenon that is the darling of an Internet resurgence . . .”

But what’s YouTube worth for cooks?

A few clicks around the site shows that YouTube deserves its reputation as the world’s largest collection of gross out humor and just stupid stuff, often ripped off from its copyright holder. Still some digging around on the site hints that the user-submitted video from YouTube and its competitors has some potential for home cooks. Google should put their search expertise to work and make it easier for us to find the good stuff hiding out here.

Take a look after the jump …

Julia Child: Thoughts on first cookbooks
Pie Recipe: Watch as a woman makes apple pie. Weird background music, but that’s the beauty of clicking mute.
The Recipe: A short about a little girl’s search for her grandmother’s cookie recipe. Nutmeg?
Baked Apples: While the recipe is basic and probably too sweet, the energy and snark-free look a basic home cooking is interesting.
Kitchen Renovation: Some people love to show off their new kitchens on YouTube. While this one is oddly over-edited, I liked the pictures of the plans coming to life at the end. Search “kitchen design” to browse more.
Weird Tapas: You can’t be sure what the ingredients are since this clip isn’t in English, but it shows how with just a camera and cutting board — no studio needed — we could make our own video cooking classes.

While they aren’t posted here since we round them up weekly, YouTube also has collections of Martha, Jamie, RayRay, Nigella and the gang. Search the name of your favorite TV cook and see what you find. You’ll find lots of off-beat parody too.

Got more YouTube links? Post them in comments below.