Youth Food Movement at Slow Food Nation

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Are you ‘roughly between the ages of 16 and 34’ and passionate about all things related to food? Then you may be interested in Slow Food’s Youth Movement Program which is bringing together young farmers, students, artisans and eaters at the Slow Food Nation event here in San Francisco over Labor Day weekend. Events include an overnight camping retreat, a workshop and a meet-and-greet evening. The weekend culminates in a pot luck Eat-In celebration in Dolores Park.

For more information, or to a support scholarship for this program, read on.

Beginning on Wednesday, August 27 with an overnight camping trip at Slide Ranch and ending the following Monday with a glorious 200-seat table full of home cooked food in Dolores Park, this event is all about contact and community and fun! For more information on the Youth Food Movement at Slow Food Nation, check out their webpage.

You can support someone to receive a scholarship to SFN’s Youth Movement Program or Terra Madre by joining the Culinate Youth Food Awareness Campaign. For every 3500 people who join the campaign, Culinate will sponsor two travel scholarships. It doesn’t cost anything, you just have to sign up for their newsletter.