You’re Only 5 Ingredients Away from This Unique Snack

(Image credit: 101 Cookbooks)

If you bought a little vial of saffron for a paella recipe, but you’re not sure how to use it beyond that, I’ve got a unique recipe for you: broiled dates. With just five ingredients and 10 minutes, this easy-yet-impressive snack can be yours.

You’ll need five ingredients for this recipe: dates, saffron, almond extract, ghee or olive oil, and flaky sea salt (bonus points if it’s smoked).

To release some of the flavor and color of saffron, you first mix it with the almond extract. Then you stir the saffron-infused almond extract into the ghee and pour it over the dates in a baking dish. After you sprinkle some salt over the dates, you bake them for about five minutes and finish them with a quick stint under the broiler.

Serve the dates warm for a brilliantly balanced sweet-salty snack with a bit of intrigue.

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