You’re One Ingredient Away from the Best Milkshake of Your Life

published May 31, 2017
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At its most basic, a really good milkshake can be whirled together with nothing more than some good ice cream and milk. That’s the simple version I sipped and savored for years. Then I was introduced to an upgrade that changed everything. With the help of one inexpensive pantry ingredient, I was blending together the best milkshakes of my life. Here’s how you can do it too.

Add Powdered Milk for the Best Milkshakes

All that stands between you and the best milkshake of your life is powdered milk. Yes, I’m talking about the shelf-stable dried milk you sometimes use for baking. Including powdered milk makes for milkshakes with an even creamier, milkier flavor, without compromising the thick texture the way pouring in extra liquid would. It’s everything you want in a killer milkshake.

What Is Powdered Milk, Exactly?

Powdered milk is just what it sounds like — milk that’s been processed into a dry, powdered ingredient. Unlike its liquid counterpart, it has a very lengthy shelf life and doesn’t require refrigeration. Powdered milk is easily soluble in liquid and often used in baking.

The Rule of Thumb for Adding Powdered Milk to Your Shakes

Some recipes include powdered milk in the ingredient list, although many do not. Powdered milk can be added to any and all milkshake recipes, regardless of the flavor you’re blending up. It’s an especially amazing addition with flavors that naturally pair with sweet cream, like vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, orange Creamsicle, and cookies and cream. But don’t let that deter you from blending powdered milk into buzzy coffee or mint chip shakes.

As a flexible rule of thumb, I add about one tablespoon of powdered milk for an eight-ounce shake. Feel free to experiment with different amounts. Add it to the blender along with the ice cream, milk, and any other ingredients you plan to include and then blend away.

Add Powdered Milk to These Milkshake Recipes