You’re Going to Wish You Had This Pancake Printer at Home!

(Image credit: Trent Dye)

When my parents used to take my brother and me out for breakfast, I always ordered the Mickey Mouse pancakes from the kids’ menu. I wasn’t necessarily Mickey’s biggest fan, but I was a big fan of pancakes that weren’t boring and round. Thinking about it now, they’re like the boxed macaroni and cheese with shaped noodles — mostly the same, but somehow the cool shapes make everything taste better.

Certainly, Mickey Mouse pancakes are easy enough to make at home. And if it’s more complicated shapes you’re after, you can use a squeeze bottle to doodle batter onto a hot griddle. But what if you’re not the most artistically inclined chef in the kitchen? Well, I present to you: the CNC Pancake Machine.

A small team of students at the Olin College of Engineering developed this ingenious machine as the final project for an engineering course. It took them just nine weeks and $250 to create; putting them under budget and on schedule to host the best brunch party their campus has ever seen — well, that’s what I’d do, anyway.

Even though there’s no word on if/when there will be a celebratory pancake breakfast, with the amount of planning, iterating, and thought that went into developing this wonderful machine, you can bet these students have great things in store for them!