Your Wine Cheat Sheet

(Image credit: Susanna Hopler)

If you’re skipping the sangria (you don’t have to — you can do it on a budget) or don’t want to be bothered with cocktails but still want to do some sipping with Thanksgiving dinner, plan on having a few house bottles of white and red wine. Picking two wines and sticking to them throughout the night keeps things nice and easy from both a drinking and buying perspective: Choose the two wines you want to serve, and pick up a few bottles of each. Easy.

If you need some help picking out wines, we’ve got some ideas. Once you figure out the kind of wine you want to serve, next you need to know how much to buy for your crowd.

Now how many bottles of wine, you ask? Of course the simple answer is, it’s all relative. Or maybe the more accurate answer is, all the wine! But we’re grown-ups here, so we should at least have some idea of what we need. Luckily this handy cheat sheet does just that.

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