Your Weekend Plans Should Involve This Sparkling Shrub

(Image credit: Now, Forager)

The weekend is the perfect time to work through all those recipes you’ve Pinned, bookmarked, or dog-eared over the course of the week. One that I’m excited to dive into tomorrow is this sparkling shrub, or drinking vinegar, made with pluots and fresh basil.

This recipe eschews the standard shrub ratio — equal parts fruit, sugar, and vinegar — to lean a little less acidic, which means its a great introductory drink for first-timers (or those who don’t enjoy the bracing hit of vinegar on their palate).

The reason a shrub is a great weekend project is that the fruit and sugar need two days to sit, and then once the vinegar is added, you place the mixture in the fridge for another five to seven days.

The waiting is worth it, though, once you’ve got a tart, fruity syrup to serve with sparkling water. The result is a refreshing, fizzy sipper with a complex flavor profile. Cheers!

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