25 Things to Enjoy Before Summer Ends: A Printable Countdown

published Aug 1, 2016
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In August, summer feels both endless and about to end, abruptly. The heat tells you that summer is forever; September has other plans. That feeling of endless summer can dupe us into thinking we have plenty of time to squeeze every drop of juice out of the season — but then, like me last year, you wake up one frosty weekend realizing that you never ate a great ear of sweet corn, and you’ve missed the last farmers market of the season.

Don’t let that be you! Check out (and print out!) our list of the 25 most essential summer experiences. Slap it up on the fridge and consider: How many have you accomplished so far this summer?

Now, before you accuse me of turning summer frivolity into one more to-do list, hear me out. There are so many good things to enjoy in the summer, but it’s also a busy time. My job doesn’t slow down a bit between May and September; I bet yours doesn’t either. It’s all too easy to reach the end of August without having made a great tomato salad, or taking a day off to read a book.

So consider this checklist of little reminders a gift from us to you — a cheery reminder of the good things in life that you can only enjoy in the summertime.

And for each of our 25 juicy little experiences, there’s a small essay and meditation written by Dana Velden, a long-time Kitchn contributor and author of a wonderful book on kitchen mindfulness.

Consider Dana’s posts a reminder and a persuasion to grab the best of summer and enjoy it while the sun shines. It never hurts to have a little reminder of the good things in life!

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(Image credit: Susanna Hopler)