Your Snack Horoscope: Find Out What Your Daily Snack Choice Says About Your Future

Your Snack Horoscope: Find Out What Your Daily Snack Choice Says About Your Future

Ariel Knutson
Mar 25, 2014

It happens every day: It's 4pm, you haven't eaten in a few hours, so you grab your favorite snack to tide you over until dinner. You might not think twice about this simple choice, but it actually reveals a lot about your your future self. Will you get married? Will you travel the world?

Whether you're inclined to reach for potato chips, granola bars, or fresh fruit, it's time to learn a little bit more about your destiny.

Granola Bars

You're a hard working always-on-the-go type, which will get you far in life. You will travel a great deal with lots of wonderful adventures, sometimes by yourself but mostly with a companion. I see a lot of love in your life, but not a lot of friends. You will have many pets or children.


You are a yogi at heart, and will live a deep meaningful life. Your calm and relaxed nature will ensure joy wherever you go. You will know immediately when you find your soul mate. You will have a couple kids or pets at a young age. I don't see you work in an office.

Beef Jerky

Ah yes, your tough and sincere nature make you stubborn, but I can see that it's this strength that will see you through the hardest of times. You will always be devoted to your job, and retire at an old age. Although you might not travel as much as you like, you will always be deeply connected to your community.

Trail Mix

You are flighty in nature, which sometimes gets you into trouble. You find it hard to stay put for very long, and always bounce from job to job or idea to idea. If you have kids, try to pack them a homemade lunch. I can see that will be important later on in their lives. Remember to floss your teeth.

Green Smoothie

You have one, very long and strong path. Yes, I can see it clearly; it has little to no diverging threads. You will live in a warm place, near a large body of water. I see a lot of plants (maybe a small garden?) and animals. I can see you have a very attractive partner, and that your love is strong, but open.

Potato Chips

I can see you're always one to live in the moment, always looking for that next thrill. As you grow older, I can see this adventurous side of you waver a little, but your infectious smile and attitude will stay strong throughout your whole life. Try to take care of yourself a little more, and start adding to your savings account instead of buying that fancy something-or-other. If you don't, it will catch up to you. You will marry the fourth person you date seriously.

Fresh Fruit

Your life will take you all over the United States, and will most likely be in some kind of middle management position. You will be a homeowner, and possibly own a cabin near a lake as well. I see some kind of award in your future, something at work, or maybe you win a medal for completing a marathon? You will retire somewhere warm, and pick up an awful habit of eating dinner before 5pm.


You are an artistic person, and have several paths to choose from in life. The first one you will suffer a little, but come out strong. The second one is full of love, but your job will never mean anything to you. And the third is a life of regret and revenge. The decision will be hard, but it is all yours. You will have full control. You will have one strong love interest, and a handful of kids. Don't forget to feed your cats.

Chocolate Bar

I see in your horoscope two paths: one of the compulsive, anxiety-laden life, and the other a more laid-back, and might I even say luxurious life. It is your choice and attitude that will dictate your true path. Relax a little more. Give in to what you want, and you will never be sad. Remember to nurture your relationships, and try to do your laundry more often.

(Image credit: Anjali Prasertong)

Raw Vegetables and Dip

You will work in a high power position at some point in your life, but give it all up for your family. You're a giving, nurturing person at heart, and although it pains you to leave your job, you know it is the right decision. You will eventually be happy for it, and will be given many opportunities late on in life in fields you never thought you'd be interested in. Take a leap of faith –– you'll be happy you did.

Kale Chips

You're a little pushy by nature, which might get you in trouble at some point. Generally, however, I see a smooth but strong existence, filled with lots of delicious food, good books, and maybe a trip or two to the Himalayas. You have trouble connecting with people, but your true friends will be by your side for you whole life.


You are filled with an unwavering, and unending sense of wonder in life. I can see that sometimes your rebellious nature will get you in trouble. Beware of father figures, and tile games. You will take on many lovers in your lifetime, and live a long fruitful life. You will have trouble maintaining a job at times, but don't ever give up! You will find your true calling.

What's Your Favorite Snack?

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