Your Snack Board Isn’t Complete Without This

updated May 1, 2019
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You’ve got your snack board all lined up for the ultimate grazing kind of dinner, but it’s missing something. Sure, you’ve got your sliced prosciutto, maybe a hard-boiled egg or two, and some bread or roasted veggies to pull it together, but there’s one thing you forgot.

Why Your Snack Board Requires Something Pickled

Something pickled! Yes, every snack board requires pickles in some shape or form. It’s easy for snack boards to lean extra savory when you’re making it meal-worthy. Cheeses, meats, nuts, and hummus are all good picks, but they pack the same punch to your taste buds. Pickled vegetables — and even pickled fruit — are different. They have a sharp, vinegary kick that contrasts the rest of your snack board contenders and instantly keeps things interesting between bites of everything else. Go for something as simple as quick-pickled red onions, as fiery as pickled ginger, or even just your favorite dill pickles. However you assemble your snack board, never forget the pickles.

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