Your Next Dinner Project Should Be These Bacon Bourbon Meatballs

(Image credit: House of Yumm)

While there’s nothing wrong with using frozen store-bought meatballs on a hectic weeknight, there’s one big benefit to making your own from scratch: bacon. Yes, these homemade meatballs have bacon in them — and they’re served in bourbon BBQ sauce, for good measure. Set aside some extra time to whip these up soon.

These meatballs require a few steps, but they’re really not difficult to make. First you’ll need to finely chop raw bacon and onions in a food processor. Once you’ve got your bacon-onion mixture in a bowl, you add in ground beef, breadcrumbs, parsley, egg, chili powder, and salt and then shape the meatballs before browning them on the stovetop.

After you cook the meatballs and remove them from the pan, you make your BBQ sauce right in the same pan to pick up all that great flavor. Simmer the meatballs in the sauce, which is simply your favorite BBQ sauce, bourbon, and some water, for 10 minutes, and then you’re ready to eat.

Serve these in a sandwich or over rice for a delicious, comforting meal.

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