Your Gravy Cheat Sheet

published Nov 19, 2015
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While a recipe is a great route for making gravy, sometimes your pan drippings never turn out to be the perfect one-cup amount most recipes are based on. That’s why it’s particularly important to know how to make gravy without one.

This ratio is a guide to get you started so you can scale your recipe up or down to fit the needs of your team. Below you’ll find some gravy recipes in case you need a little more details on how to make what might be the best part of the Thanksgiving meal a breeze.

Gravy Recipes to Try This Season

It works like this: If you have 1 cup pan drippings (lucky you), you also need 1 cup hot broth, 1/4 cup fat, and 1/4 cup flour.

This is your base gravy. The majority of its flavor is going to come from how you season your turkey. If you used plenty of lemons and roasted the bird over a bed of onions and carrots, expect a gravy that’s full of bright, vegetal sweetness. Did you kick up the heat this year with a chile-infused brine? That gravy is going to have a kick. If you erred on the simple side — salt, pepper, sage — that profile will give you some room to add flavor to the gravy itself. Sometimes a splash of apple cider vinegar is enough to give it that extra oomph.

Got Gravy?