Your Favorite Samosa Recipe, Now in Vegan Soup Form

(Image credit: Yup, It’s Vegan! )

Imagine biting into a delicious samosa: crispy on the outside with warm spiced potatoes on the inside. It’s a little ball of comfort and warm, fuzzy feelings. Now imagine that same feeling in a big bowl of vegan soup. Beautiful, right? Come meet your destiny.

According to the blogger Yup, It’s Vegan! this soup tastes just like the inside of a samosa. It’s filled with coconut oil, potatoes, garlic, yellow onion, and a handful of spices.

It would be fun to try and integrate the crispy outside of the samosa somehow by either adding roasted chickpeas or fried bread crumbs on top, too.

Get the Recipe: Samosa Soup from Yup, It’s Vegan!