Your Easter Dinner Guide: Recipes and Tips for a Delicious Holiday

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If you’re planning Easter dinner and looking for recipe inspiration and a few smart tips, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’ve decided to make a ham or a leg of lamb, we’re here to walk you through it, step by step. Or maybe you want to cook something else for the main event? We’ve got a few ideas.

We’ve also got plenty of sides that taste like spring to round out your table. Don’t forget the rolls (the best part!) and a pretty dessert to finish.

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The Main Course: Ham or Lamb?

When it comes to the main course, ham and lamb are the most popular options. For many, Easter isn’t Easter without a glazed ham at the center of the table. Others are lamb all the way, whether it’s a roast leg of lamb or rack of lamb.

But who says you have to choose? If you’re serving a large crowd, why not make both? Worried about oven space? Don’t be. Make your ham in the slow cooker and reserve your oven for the lamb. Easy!

Or why not go another way all together? A roast chicken is always a good idea, and a lasagna can go fancy enough to be holiday-worthy.

If you’re team ham …

If you’re team lamb …

Side Dishes That Taste Like Spring

Of course, whatever you choose for the main event, you’ll want some sides to go with it. You’ll want plenty of spring veggies, like asparagus and radishes, in any and all forms — simply roasted, sautéed, and glazed. Big salads are a welcome addition as well, but what would a big Easter meal be without a side of potatoes and some homemade rolls?

Breads and Buns

Speaking of rolls, we see Easter as an occasion to go a bit carb crazy. Dinner rolls are a given, but we’re also talking specialty sweet breads, including the cutest confetti cake bunnies you ever did see, plus buns aplenty — hot cross, cinnamon, and sticky lemon ones.

Wines to Pair with Your Ham or Lamb

So what should you drink with your ham or lamb (or lasagna!)? We’ve got a few tips.

First of all, you can’t go wrong with cava. It goes with everything and bubbles just say “special occasion,” even if the price tag says “everyday.”

This is also the perfect time to kick off rosé season — spring is here! It’s time to drink pink.

If you’re serving ham, something slightly sweet, like prosecco, riesling, or a fruity zin will balance out the saltiness. For lamb, medium-bodied reds with smooth tannins, like malbec and syrah, are usually good picks. A lighter red, like a Pinot or a Beaujolais, is also appropriate for a lighter roast.

The Prettiest Desserts

Dessert doesn’t always have to be a thing of beauty, but these show-stoppers most certainly are. They combine fruity flavors with the pastel colors of spring. Be prepared for praise.

From the editors at Kitchn, Happy Easter!