Your Dinner Table Is Missing a Shared Vegetable Plate

updated May 1, 2019
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We all know eating vegetables is an important component of a well-rounded diet, but figuring out when to slot them in is the tricky part. Sure, you can toss a bunch of spinach into a breakfast smoothie and swear off everything but salad for lunch, but I think there’s an even easier way to boost you and your family’s intake of the good stuff: Add a shared vegetable plate to your nightly dinner table.

A Shared Vegetable Plate Is a Fun and Simple Way to Eat More Veggies

Rather than fussing with a salad or roasting some vegetables, simply cut up whatever raw veggies are hanging out in your crisper drawer and serve them with a simple dip at dinnertime. That dip could be as easy as your family’s favorite bottle of ranch or Italian dressing, or something you felt inspired to whip together, like a creamy yogurt dip or a rich avocado dip. Just slide the platter onto the table and let the family have at it.

Why This Works

There’s something about veggies and dip that’s just more fun than having to eat your fill of actual requisite vegetable side dishes. Maybe it’s the eat-with-your-hands factor, or that it feels like a snack or appetizer.

It’s a sure bet that everyone will be lot more eager to get their fill of veggies, though — I can promise you that. It’s also a great way to use up any random or on-their-way-out veggies, like the last carrot of the bunch, a half pint of cherry tomatoes, or that sad cucumber lurking in your fridge. Yay to upping your vegetable intake and reducing food waste!

5 Dips to Try with Your Shared Vegetable Plate