The Top-Rated Amazon Kitchen Organizer That Creates Space Out of Thin Air

published May 9, 2022
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There are just some items in your kitchen that are clumsy to store. Whether you’re working with limited or wide open space, smart kitchen storage is always vital, especially for keeping the room in smooth working order. YouCopia, the brand behind some of our editors’ favorite organizers, has yet another ingenious tool to finally keep all your kitchen wraps and storage bags — including plastic wrap, foil, parchment paper, and more — neat, tidy, and definitely not stuffed in a cluttered drawer or precariously stacked in a cabinet.

The YouCopia UpSpace Adjustable Box Organizer is a tiered storage rack that can be adjusted to hold several boxes of plastic wrap, foil, parchment paper, gallon and sandwich bags, and much more. What makes these items such a pain to organize is their various shapes and sizes that can be annoying to tuck away in a drawer. This handy shelf organizer can be stored conveniently under the sink or in a pantry or cabinet for easy access. And, with over 13,000 five-star reviews, we’re confident this handy unit will make your kitchen instantly feel tidier!

We trust YouCopia with just about any storage issues in our home. We’ve looked to their products for organizing Tupperware lids, doubling freezer space, and keeping our spices organized — just to name a few of their smart solutions. With this box organizer, YouCopia has yet again come up with a storage solution we didn’t know we needed until now.

The unit comes with three adjustable shelves that you can easily move up and down for larger and smaller boxes. The steel wire frame can accommodate up to 20 pounds, so you can comfortably store large, heavy boxes of garbage bags or aluminum foil. And, the entire thing snaps together in just one minute without any special tools. You’ll also find various sizes depending on your needs, including the smallest 9” by 9” option, a larger 12” by 9” organizer, and a 12” by 12” unit perfect for anyone who likes to buy in-bulk and has larger boxes to store. Plus, there’s an ultra-compact WrapStand that skips the shelves all together and instead uses wire holders to store long, narrow boxes.

Reviewers had so many amazing things to say about this storage unit, praising it for getting messy, chaotic pantries and cabinets in order. “My large, deep kitchen cupboard was a jumble of cereal boxes, Tupperware and miscellaneous stuff. Worst were the boxes of kitchen wrap always flying around in an unruly manner. This organizer helped me get a handle on the mess including the really long boxes like jumbo aluminum foil and parchment paper,” one customer wrote. Another echoed the sentiment, adding, “This sturdy, cute, adjustable shelving has basically given me lots of vertical space and the ease of having a little spot for each item very easily.”

By purchasing this cabinet organizer, you’ll also no longer have to worry about storing boxes on top of each other which always looks cluttered. One reviewer agrees, explaining: “No more stacking and sloppy box storage in the pantry. It’s clean and tidy and makes all the boxes easy to access with nothing falling on my head in the process!! DEFINITELY RECOMMEND!!”

If you’ve been searching for ways to automatically make your kitchen look more organized, look no further than this YouCopia UpSpace Adjustable Box Organizer for foil, plastic wrap, sandwich bags, and more. For just $20, it’s a simple solution that will make a huge difference!