Before & After: This $30 “Under-the-Sink Lazy Susan” Finally Organized My Clutter

published Dec 29, 2023
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Cleaning products in a bin under the sink.
Credit: L. Daniela Alvarez

The space under my kitchen sink has always been an enigma. I do my best to keep it as neat as possible when it comes to storing cleaning supplies, but since I keep my trash bin and a bag for recycling there, the space inevitably becomes messy and cluttered fast. The holiday season has also exacerbated this issue since I’m cleaning more often and need to access nearly every product under my sink. And before a recent discovery, I didn’t know how to fix it.

For months, I stored all of my cleaning supplies in a divided acrylic caddy (which worked for the most part), but I was getting frustrated with having to bend and reach in when I needed a less frequently used product. I also got into the bad habit of hurriedly tossing new sponges or microfiber towels on top of the caddy, making it look even more cluttered. I decided to go on the hunt for a more practical solution that could both solve my clutter problem and make it easier for me to grab (and put away) all my cleaning products and tools. Enter: the YouCopia SinkSuite Under Sink Turntable.

In my under-the-sink-storage research, I came across this turntable with a convenient 360-degree rotating ability that instantly captured my attention. I was pleased that not only was it a perfect fit for under my sink, but once it arrived, it was able to fit every cleaning product from my caddy, and then some. The open space of the turntable makes it easy to access spray bottles, sponges, and dishwasher pods without uncomfortably crouching down and reaching into the back of the (seemingly endlessly) deep, dark storage area.

Credit: L. Daniela Alvarez

I liked that the turntable included three dividers that snapped-on and removed with ease into the slots so I could make the compartments as small or large as I wanted. The non-slip feet were another great feature that kept the turntable in place when rotating it. So not only is it totally customizable — and I can change it depending on what’s in my cleaning arsenal — but it actually stays in place. 

Although the garbage disposal gets in the way of the taller spray bottles, its size doesn’t stop the right cabinet door from closing, which is where I keep an adhesive holder for my trash and recycle bags. I decided to move my bag for recycling behind the trash bin to give the turntable a wider clearance and a cleaner, less cluttered look. Now, the sleek little organizer spins effortlessly, making my cleaning supplies easier to grab — and more organized — than ever.

For a turntable that can hold up to 30 pounds and costs only $29.99, it’s an excellent storage solution for anyone looking to update their kitchen sink cabinet, add some extra accessibility and convenience, and avoid that dreaded clutter. Before you know it, I might just have one of these under every sink in my home.

Buy: YouCopia SinkSuite Under Sink Turntable, $29.99