This Organizer Will Free Up an Entire Kitchen Cabinet

updated May 1, 2019
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Variety is the spice of life, as they say, and nowhere is this more true than when amassing your collection of tea for cold-weather sipping. I bet everyone in your household has their own favorite that evokes the comforting sensation of sitting on the couch shrouded in a blanket beside a crackling fire and twinkling fairy lights.

You make sure you’re stocked on the old standbys: mint, sleepy time, vanilla chamomile, and rooibos. But then you’re strolling the aisles during the fall and winter and either the tea box artwork or the name of the tea calls to you—so now you also have candy cane tea, chai, and winter spice in your cart. While you’re there in the tea aisle you realize that you really should have the “classics” on hand for the guests you’re expecting and what if somebody gets sick? Earl grey, plain chamomile, lemon ginger, and green tea join the pileup.

Before you know it, the weather has turned and your tea collection, fully restocked, is robust. You’re feeling really good about it. Until you go to put all those cute little boxes away. They don’t fit in your cabinet. How are you going to see what you have? And, even more concerning, how are you going to bring out the entire collection so your guests can pick? What is even the point of a collection if no one can hem and haw over the entire tea treasure box?

The YouCopia TeaStand Organizer solves all your tea storage problems. And it does so with all the hallmarks of a good organization tool:

You can see what you have

Opening a box of tea only to discover you have just two teabags left and three guests with a yen for the rooibos with condensed milk you just told them all about is no fun. The tea bag stand lets you see exactly what you have — and need more of — at a glance.

Space is maximized

By allowing you to get rid of the tea boxes, attractive as they may be, you will no longer be storing air in empty boxes. And two rows of storage means taking advantage of vertical space. The tea stand is narrow and small enough to slide in and out of your cabinet with one hand while you balance a tray of mugs in the other and make small talk at the same time.

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No shuffling

Being able to pull out your entire tea collection allows you to choose your tea bag without digging in cabinets while shouting out options to people who stopped listening while you walked from the table to the kitchen cupboard. You also won’t have to pile everything on the counters and then play Tetris to get the boxes back in your cabinet.

It looks nice

There’s nothing showy or bulky about it. Sleek, white, and clear, the tea stand displays what it holds without any obtrusion. While it’s no-frills enough for everyday use, it’s classy enough to set out next to your toast holder when you have people for brunch. Or you can slip off the clear bins to display just one or two types at a time.

It’s affordable

At only $24.99, the YouCopia TeaStand Organizer comes at a price that just about anyone with a tea collection would pay to make getting it out and putting it away as calming as drinking it.

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