This Innovative $20 Organizer Created So Much Extra Space in My Pantry

published Aug 8, 2022
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One of my most important goals at home is to have an organized kitchen. Since I’m constantly going in and out of it for meals, drinks, and cleaning, it’s one of the most active rooms in my apartment and it’s crucial that I’m able to navigate it without a hitch. But truth be told, there are always new methods to try in pinpointing effective organizational solutions for any room. I’ve found some amazing products that I never thought I’d use before, such as this expandable cookware rack or this freezer rack, and they’ve become some of my favorite kitchen organization tools. They also have something in common: YouCopia. I’ve tested plenty of products from this home brand and have become a huge fan because of how successful they’ve been in helping me organize my home, especially the kitchen. I recently tried out their StoraBag Food Bag Dispenser, and couldn’t believe how it cut out the clutter in my pantry in one fell swoop.

When I do have Ziploc bags, I tend to stick to snack bags, sandwich bags, and gallon-size freezer bags. I also use them very slowly, so the boxes end up taking up shelf space in my pantry that I could have been utilizing differently. That’s what made YouCopia’s StoraBag organizer a great fit for my kitchen. It freed up space in my pantry for items I actually use regularly. Out of the box, the StoraBag looks like it could be too large for a drawer — until you actually put it in one. The three-slot container measures 12” x 6.9”, so I was able to set it inside a drawer with my cutting board and other small kitchen gadgets (like my avocado slicer) without it getting cluttered. I could take the food storage bags out of their box and put them right into the StoraBag container seamlessly. The lid locks in place and opens with the push of at least one button (located on both sides) so loading the dispenser with bags is super easy and the bags look nice and tidy, too. Additionally, if you don’t have drawer space for the organizer, it’s not a problem. You can also stand it upright and place it on the counter or on a shelf.

The StoraBag Food Bag Dispenser can fit standard gallon, quart, sandwich, and snack bags. It also comes in four-slot and five-slot sizes, in case you use plastic bags more than I do. The larger containers don’t have the square compartment for rubber bands and twist-ties, but I honestly don’t think it’s a huge loss. It’s convenient, but unless you’re often using rubber bands in the kitchen, it’s much more important to have space for the bags rather than accessories to go with them. The StoraBag even comes with labels that can be used to mark what size bags are in a specific slot so you can grab exactly what you need without eye-balling it to be sure it’s the correct size.

YouCopia continues to roll out some amazing products for home and kitchen organization, and it’s totally transformed how I navigate my space. Their organization solutions also come at incredibly affordable price points considering the huge payoff of a beautifully organized home that I get in return. I’m so excited to have this organizer, especially as we get closer and closer to fall when there will be more family gatherings and dinners on my calendar. All in all, it’s going to make cooking and food storage so much more convenient leading up to the holiday season!

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