The $20 Stackable Organizer That Instantly Doubles Storage and Counter Space

published Mar 18, 2024
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Spring cleaning doesn’t just involve spraying down your kitchen’s counters and mopping floors. Once you’ve cleared up all of the dirt and debris, the next step is decluttering and organizing. Tasks like straightening up the refrigerator and junk drawer can’t be overlooked — your kitchen will become way more functional once they’re in order. Above all, though, you should pay extra close attention to the pantry.

Since it’s usually behind closed doors, it’s too easy to let your pantry fall into disarray, but if it becomes too chaotic, you’ll end up wasting a ton of time locating the things you need. It can even end up costing you money; when items get lost, there’s a chance you’ll forget about them and buy unnecessary replacements. That’s why finding some quality pantry organizers should shoot straight to the top of your spring cleaning checklist. I saved you the hassle of scrolling through Amazon and found the first item you should add to your cart this season: YouCopia’s $20 stackable bins.

What are the YouCopia ShelfBin Stacking Pantry Bins?

You might recognize the brand behind this ingenious organizer from how often we’ve written about their products here at The Kitchn — YouCopia is our editors’ first stop when we want to wrangle kitchen clutter, whether it’s inside the refrigerator or under the sink. The brand’s new bin organizer is just as clever as their other offerings, making the most of unused vertical space in your pantry.

Measuring a little over 12 inches tall when stacked, the ShelfBin can serve as a fruit basket, snack organizer, and more — one shopper even had the smart idea to store potatoes on one level and potatoes on the other. The wide opening makes everything easy to access, and the thick, durable plastic will hold up and look totally sleek. You can even have the bins sit side-by-side if your cabinets aren’t tall enough, or leave it fully assembled right on your countertop, thanks to its minimalist design.

Credit: Amazon

What Amazon Shoppers are Saying

Average Rating: 4.9/5

“Yes, these are just plastic, but they have a certain aesthetic feel to them with the swoopy lines and the slightly speckled white. They don’t feel or look cheap. This set ended up being a bit too tall for the pantry space where I wanted to use them, so I couldn’t stack them, but I put the bins side by side , one filled with rolls of crackers and the other one with small boxes of dried goods like mac & cheese or boxed penne noodles. I am still pleased with the purchase because they bring a little organization to the pantry and don’t look chintzy at all. In fact, dare I say, they look elegant.” – Shadow

“This is a great storage bin for my narrow and deep cabinets. It allows me to store items further back without having to take all the items from the front out to reach them. My cabinet openings aren’t tall enough to use two of these stacked but you could probably do so in a pantry. At $23, it’s a great value for an organizer this versatile and well-made.” – California Coast Shopper

“This is an excellent organizer bin. The material is sturdy and durable. The wheels work well. I like that the dividers can move around to better fit what I want to put in it. All around a very useful and good bin.” – Katie

Right now, this must-have find is 20% off for a limited time, making it even easier to get your kitchen into shape this spring. Trust me, an organized pantry will make a world of difference in your routine — it’ll save you time, and likely even inspire you to spend more time in the kitchen. Grab it for less before the deal ends!

Buy: YouCopia ShelfBin Stacking Pantry Bins, $19.99 (normally $24.99)