This Ingenious Organizer Completely Cleared the Chaos out of My Fridge

published Oct 10, 2022
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A person standing in front of an open refrigerator inside a kitchen
Credit: Joe Lingeman/Kitchn

If you’ve ever rented a place that came with its own refrigerator, you might understand my struggle. The fridge in my rental has adjustable shelves, but it’s hard to find a configuration that fits everything I need. The middle shelf is frustratingly small, but when I moved the top shelf higher, the milk and water pitchers didn’t fit. Instead, I moved the bottom shelf lower, which created a super-narrow space between the shelf and the floor of the fridge. Sure, it’s the right height for fitting the egg carton, yogurt cups, and other relatively flat items, but it’s basically impossible to reach anything that gets pushed to the back. That’s why I turned to YouCopia, one of my go-to kitchen organization brands, to solve my problem. And they did, with their ingenious Rollout Fridge Drawer.

I knew the medium RollOut Fridge Drawer would be a great fit for my small shelf as soon as I got it out of the box. It’s approximately 8″ wide and has two stoppers on the front and two tiny wheels on the back, effectively creating an instant pull-out drawer without buying a whole new refrigerator. The drawer is 15.1″ deep and 5.6″ tall, which makes it just small enough for my fridge’s tiniest space. When you lift the drawer and pull, it comes out smoothly. The wheels even have soft covers, so they don’t scratch or grate against the shelf, and each one comes with two dividers that can be adjusted easily to create smaller containers within the bin.

I’d originally planned to use the RollOut Fridge Drawer for produce, but since I hadn’t yet gone grocery shopping when I received it, I decided to work with what I had on hand. Putting drinks into the drawer hadn’t been my first thought, but it worked perfectly for me! I tend to have a lot of drinks in my refrigerator, which can take up a significant amount of real estate. But with the Rollout Drawer, I fit 12 slim cans in a space just 8″ wide, and rather than bending down and sticking my arm deep into the fridge to feel around for the first drink I could find, I simply pulled the drawer out and picked which one I wanted.

Credit: Britt Franklin

The drawer also comes in two additional sizes: one that’s 6″ wide, and a larger one that’s 10″. I haven’t decided what size to get next to expand my collection, but I know for sure that I need to get a second one ASAP for my fruits, veggies, snacks, and more. Finding a product that makes it easier to access food has been a game changer. Maybe rental fridges aren’t so bad after all …

Buy: YouCopia RollOut Fridge Drawer, 8″, $29.99

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