The Game-Changing West Elm Find That Will Get Your Entire Fridge Organized

published Jan 23, 2024
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Credit: Tim Hargett

There’s little more satisfying than introducing a game-changing organizer to your space. Seeing a kitchen cabinet, shelf, or fridge go from cluttered chaos to complete orderliness won’t just provide instant gratification, but it’ll also make your life easier time and time again. It’ll make it so that you can locate items instantly, and as a result, your cooking process will be that much more enjoyable. A good organizer will even save you space, too!

Our team has introduced a ton of these kinds of products to our kitchens over the years, in every area — the pantry, under the sink, and even on top of the counter — so you can trust that we know what’s what. We’ve routinely been impressed by the organizers that YouCopia has to offer, and we just found a bundle deal from the brand at West Elm that you need ASAP if you want to transform your fridge completely.

What Is the YouCopia Fridge Organizer 3-Piece Set?

You can knock out all of your organizing needs at once thanks to West Elm. This stellar set includes three pieces: a turntable, egg holder, and rolling fridge drawer, and each one will have a tremendous impact on the functionality of your fridge. Best of all, each one has earned a stamp of approval from a member of our team. 

First up is the non-slip lazy Susan, which will make rummaging around in the depths of your fridge a thing of the past. It takes up about half of the shelf, according to Best List editor Britt, but still leaves plenty of room for milk and other larger containers in the surrounding area. Britt decided to move the condiments that would jostle in her refrigerator door over to the tray, and “was surprised to see that [she] could fit 10-16 bottles and slim cartons on it at a time.” Even with that many items loaded onto it, the platform spins smoothly. 

Credit: West Elm

As for the egg holder, contributor Kristina swears by it. The organizer can hold about 14 eggs, and she reported that medium, large, or jumbo-sized ones all fit easily. The removable tray makes them easy to grab while cooking, and the dispenser is on an angle, so when one egg is removed, another will gently roll down to take its place. “The see-through top means that I can see when it’s time to buy more eggs with a quick glance,” she added. “Plus, the sturdy cover ensures I can stack things on top of the egg holder without worrying about crushing the eggs.”

Last but not least is the rolling drawer, which, as its name suggests, makes an organized drawer out of an empty shelf. It makes whatever you decide to place in it a breeze to find and grab, due to the smooth wheels on the back. Even better, the two dividers can be adjusted to accommodate the stored items — and one of our contributors decided to store drink cans in it. “I fit 12 slim cans in a space just 8″ wide, and rather than bending down and sticking my arm deep into the fridge to feel around for the first drink I could find, I simply pulled the drawer out and picked which one I wanted,” they wrote.

Instead of painstakingly searching for organizers one by one, West Elm has made it so that there’s no hassle at all. That fact, paired with the rave reviews from our own team, means that there really should be nothing stopping you from improving the form and function of your fridge with this set. However, only limited qualities are available at West Elm, so don’t wait!

Buy: YouCopia Fridge Organizer 3-Piece Set, $74.95