The $20 Organizer That’ll Instantly Triple Your Kitchen Drawer Storage

published Dec 17, 2023
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Organized kitchen drawer that full of tools like juicer, measuring cups, can opener, etc
Credit: Sarah Crowley

My husband claims I hide things in our kitchen, and he’s not entirely wrong. In my defense, when we bought our home, we turned the basement into a short-term rental and everything else took a backseat — including kitchen organization. Instead of arranging it all at once, I reorganize a drawer here and there, which means that the spatula he uses to make waffles has changed homes half a dozen times over the years. Sigh.

Well, the spatula is about to move again, and he is definitely not going to find it this time because my latest organizational discovery truly creates drawer space out of thin air.  

The YouCopia DrawerFit Sliding Drawer Bin is a plastic container perfect for rolling pins and spatulas that rests on the interior lip of a deep drawer. Formerly wasted vertical space is now utilized by an adjustable storage bin. The BPA-free plastic container even slides across the drawer for easy access to items stored underneath. Priced at only $19.99, it’s beyond worth the cost to me because it adds an entire drawer to my kitchen without the need to hire a contractor. 

Credit: Meg Asby

The best part of this method is that I can keep all of my baking supplies in one drawer. Storing my rolling pin, baking mat, spatula, and pie plates in one place makes it that much more likely that we’re going to be eating weekend pie instead of ordering out. 

This product also doesn’t require any decluttering. Before I purchased the drawer bin, it wasn’t easy to grab what I needed from my cluttered drawer. Since I’ve moved the spatula, baking mat, and (especially) the rolling pin to the YouCopia Drawer Bin, there is much more breathing room in the drawer they left behind, no donations required. 

Credit: Meg Asby

The YouCopia Drawer Bin is 7.1 inches in width and adjusts from 15 to 24 inches in length, which is a great fit for most kitchen drawers. The limiting factor is the vertical space of the drawer: the bin is 2.7 inches tall. In my home, it was too tall to be useful in my silverware drawer, but it was perfect for the lower drawers I use to store pots, pans, and baking dishes. If you have wasted vertical space in deep drawers, this is the organizer for you. To store smaller items inside, check out the version with adjustable dividers. 

What’s more? YouCopia is a woman-owned company offering products that require little to no installation and solve real problems. They also donate $3 for every product you purchase to select charities. I love this brand so much, I already have my eye on how YouCopia can improve my freezer, refrigerator, and container drawer. Maybe then my kitchen will be “done,” and my husband will always know where to find his spatula. We’ll have to wait and see!  

Buy: YouCopia DrawerFit Sliding Drawer Bin, $19.99