You Won’t Believe This BBQ Sandwich Is Vegan

(Image credit: The Roasted Root)

If you’ve decided to cut back on meat (or cut it out entirely), chances are you’ve had some sad veggie burgers and fake “chicken” nuggets. These substitutes are often dry, chewy specimens that pale in comparison to the real deal, but there’s one canned ingredient that vegans swear by for its ability to truly mimic meat: jack fruit.

The shape and texture of jackfruit is reminiscent of pulled pork. Its mild, almost neutral flavor also makes it the perfect candidate to soak up homemade BBQ sauce easily. The author shares a recipe for homemade peach BBQ sauce here, but you can use your own favorite recipe or store-bought sauce if you’d prefer.

As long as you’ve got the BBQ jackfruit piled onto buns with plenty of cabbage slaw, you’ll be all set.

Get the Recipe: Pulled Jackfruit Sandwiches with Peach Bourbon BBQ Sauce from The Roasted Root