You Spin Me Right Round: Organize the Fridge with a Lazy Susan Turntable!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Although I’m tall enough to reach everything in my refrigerator that doesn’t mean I’m stoked to pull half the items out to get to the ones in the back. Instead, maybe I should give this easy storage and organizational solution a go!

The folks over at Martha Stewart might take organization to the extreme, or rather, make it a fine art, but that doesn’t mean we can’t learn a thing or two. This idea allows you to reach all corners of your fridge without moving a hundred items out of the way (which will all be strategically balanced in a ridiculous manner of course).

To help your refrigerator, try adding a turntable or lazy Susan to the corner of your fridge. That one small step can mean the difference between finding your salad dressing and not! Have you ever tried something like this? Let us know in the comments below!

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(Image: Martha Stewart)