You Should Totally Steal This Cute Snack Table Makeover Idea

published Feb 24, 2017
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(Image credit: Lauren Volo)

The party problem: You want to have a movie night (with lots of food), but your plain snack tables are just that — plain.

The party trick: Jazz them up with a custom paint job.

We used eggshell paint because we like the matte look, although a satin or gloss finish will work just as well, if not better because glossier paints are easier to wipe clean if you spill food on them.

You don’t even need a big thing of paint for this. In fact, a quart will be too much. Instead, get a can of sample paint (two if you want to add a second color!) from your local hardware store. What’s sample paint? Just adorable mini versions of the stuff you’d normally get for your walls; usually available in all the colors for less than $5 each.

With our paint in hand, we used painter’s tape to tape out our geometric design. (Doubting your artistic abilities? Opt for some simple stripes or even polka dots. Everyone can draw stripes or polka dots!) Note how we included the edges of the table and the legs for extra oomph. Two coats of paint, with a 30-minute waiting period between coats, was enough to completely cover the wood grain of the table.

If you want your design to really last, consider adding a clear coat of polyurethane on top.

Jokey warning: Visiting movie viewers might spend more time eyeing your masterpiece than the screen.

More serious warning: Do not eat food directly off your painted tray unless you’re sure the paint is food-safe. Otherwise, use a plate or a tray like an adult.

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