You Should Definitely Put Bacon on Your Guacamole

(Image credit: What’s Gaby Cooking)

There’s guacamole, and then there’s loaded guacamole. Loaded guacamole is simply your classic guac with a bunch of awesome toppings. It’s a crowd-pleasing appetizer to serve with tortilla chips at your next party — even if that party is a solo one.

This particular guacamole is loaded with crispy bacon crumbles, roasted jalapeño, toasted pepitas, sun-dried tomatoes, and cotija cheese. You’ve got crunchy, creamy, spicy, and salty all going on here — it’s absolute perfection.

One bite of this and you’ll never look at plain ol’ guacamole the same way again.

Get the Recipe: Loaded Guacamole from What’s Gaby Cooking