You Probably Already Own the Perfect Wine Chiller

published May 31, 2017
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The party problem: You want to take a bottle of white or rosé outside with you, but you don’t have a wine chiller and you’re worried the vino will get warm.

The party trick: Look to your kitchen to save the day. See that crock that’s holding all your wooden spoons and silicone spatulas? Chances are, it’s the perfect size and shape to hold a bottle of wine and a bit of ice.

(Image credit: Neil Beckerman)

It’s finally rosé season! Or if you drink rosé all year round, the time of year when we finally get to drink outside! It’s now actually warm enough for us all to sit around the patio, drink some chilled wine, nibble on some snacks, and feel the sun on our faces. (Yes, we know all you SoCal and Florida residents have already been doing that — don’t rub it in!)

You want to sit there, relax, and slowly drink your wine — without having to worry about it getting warm. And you certainly don’t want to have to run back and forth to the kitchen every time someone needs a topping off (that doesn’t sound relaxing at all, does it?)

The solution is to use the crock that’s currently holding all your kitchen utensils and tools. Empty it out and it’s the perfect size to hold a bottle of wine and some ice.

We got the idea from Beehive Handmade, a cute housewares brand that makes metal measuring spoons, wooden cheeseboards, ceramic bowls, and more. Someone from the company showed us their Laurel Utensil Holder and mentioned that it doubles as a wine chiller. Brilliant!

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Of course, theirs isn’t the only utensil holder that has this double use. Empty out your crock and see if a bottle of wine fits. Chances are, it will. If it doesn’t (or you don’t have a crock), you can also use an ice bucket or even a general-use household bucket.

The point? You definitely don’t need to spend money on a unitasker wine chiller. Save the cash — and all that running back inside to the fridge.

Do you own a wine chiller? If not, what do you use instead?