You’d Never Believe These Gorgeous Copper Pans Are from Aldi

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If you’ve ever envied Nigella Lawson’s copper-covered kitchen — and who hasn’t? — then you’ll want to see the new line of saucepans from Aldi. They’re gorgeous and look just like the swanky copper pans in Nigella’s kitchen and in fancy department stores, but Aldi’s collection ranges in price from just $24 to $47. That’s a fraction of the price of copper kitchenware at most other stores.

(Image credit: Courtesy of Aldi)

There are 11 different items in the copper collection, including a frying pan, a nonstick frying pan, a seven-inch saucepan with a lid, an eight-inch nonstick saucepan, a sauté pan, a stovetop kettle, a set of two small saucepans for milk, a 5-inch saucepan, a 6-inch saucepan, a wok, and a lidded stockpot. Altogether, they make for one very attractive set.

The stovetop kettle is particularly good-looking, and it whistles. It’s also the least expensive item in the set at just $24. A kettle makes a good gift on its own, too, so that one seems likely to be one of the most in-demand items in the collection.

(Image credit: Aldi)

According to Aldi, the entire set is made of tri-ply copper, which means it has a copper exterior with a fast-heating aluminum core. The outsides of the pots are mirror-polished copper for optimal shininess, and the interiors are satin-finished stainless steel. They reportedly work on all burners, including induction burners.

The main draw in this case is clearly the looks, though. Copper kitchenware is gorgeous, but it tends to be very expensive. These are half the price of many similar-looking kitchenware sets, and people are going wild for them.

According to Good Housekeeping U.K., this is the second year Aldi UK has introduced a range of copper saucepans. Last year, they were so popular the entire collection sold out. That seems likely to happen again, but the pots and pans just arrived last week, and they’re still available at Aldi stores in the U.K., and for delivery on Aldi U.K.’s website.