You Can Now Eat Like Tom Brady with This Meal Kit

(Image credit: TB12)

Tom Brady fans might not be able to live his lifestyle, but now they can eat like the American Super Bowl champion. The New England Patriots Quarterback launched a meal kit service called TB12 Performance Meals that offers subscribers plant-based meals with dishes like crispy turnip cakes with tabbouleh, white lentil risotto with roasted vegetables, and ramen with gingered greens and broccolini.

Available April 3, the gluten-free, protein-rich meals costs $78 a week for three dinners serving two (that’s about $13 a plate). The pre-portioned kits — made in collaboration with plant-based meal service Purple Carrot — come equipped with step-by-step instructions, so even novice cooks will be able to whip up a meal.

“Tom is one of the greatest athletes of all time,” said Purple Carrot founder & CEO, Andy Levitt. “It’s a real honor to work together to help people gain a deeper appreciation for how the food choices they make can have a direct effect on their own health and well-being.”

Last year, in an interview with, Brady’s personal chef, Allen Campbell, disclosed what the football player eats. It’s largely organic vegetables, grains, and lean meats prepared with coconut oil and Himalayan pink salt. But the no-no list is more interesting: It includes white sugar, white flour, MSG, olive oil (but raw olive oil is okay), iodized salt, tomatoes, peppers, mushrooms, eggplants, coffee, fungus, and dairy.

Similar to Brady’s diet, all meals in the kit will be free of dairy, eggs, seafood, meat, and processed foods. They will also contain little to no soy or refined sugar.

“Eating meals just like the ones we’ll send out to our customers has helped me stay at the top of my game,” Brady said in a statement.

For those who aren’t sure about committing to a weekly subscription service, there’s still potential to incorporate Brady’s diet into your own. He released a $200 nutrition manual last year, called the TB12 Nutrition Manual, with nutrition tips and 89 recipes.