If You Need a Giant, 22-Pound Bag of Chocolate, T.J. Maxx Has You Covered

published Jan 22, 2018
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You know those moments late at night when you suddenly think, “Man, I wish I had a piece of chocolate,” but it’s too late and you know you’ll have to wait until morning? Well, Reddit user Joycieejuice doesn’t, because her parents found a 22-pound bag of chocolate at TJ Maxx, and now her family has enough to keep chocolates on their pillows for the next three years.

Joycieejuice posted a photo of the bag of chocolates next to her 5’7″ father for comparison, and the bag comes almost up to his elbows. If he crouched down, we would never see him.

(Image credit: joycieejuice/Reddit)

Of course her parents bought the chocolate. Every TJ Maxx trip is like a treasure hunt, and they just hit the pot of gold when they found an enormous bag of 2,000 individually wrapped pieces of organic dark chocolate. The bags weigh 22 pounds each, and are 40 inches tall. This is approximately the size of a small child.

It’s a dream come true.

Mashable says the chocolates came from ChocXO, which says it made two million pieces of chocolate to fill the giant bags with.

The bags were originally marketed towards businesses that might want the bags for candy jars, showrooms, or just sending to top clients to make a big impression. But clearly big corporations are not the only ones who could find a use for this much chocolate. I mean, I have a bathtub and have always wondered what it would feel like to be fondue. And if the chocolate is gone by October, the bag would make a great Halloween costume.

The giant bags are available in dark chocolate and milk chocolate, and they originally sold in the ChocXO holiday gift guide for $325, which works out to about $14.77 per pound, or 16 cents per piece of chocolate. But Joycieejuice said her parents bought their bag at TJ Maxx for $120, or about 6 cents per piece, which is an absolute steal.

Another Reddit user mentioned seeing these bags on sale in Canada, so these bags are clearly out there somewhere. Keep your eyes open and you just might get lucky and come home with enough chocolate to last the next 20 Halloweens.

What would you do with a 22-pound bag of chocolate?