You and Only You: What Brands Have Your Unswerving Loyalty?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

From cheesesticks to whiskey, store-bought broth to chocolate, it’s no surprise that certain food and cooking brands inspire a great deal of loyalty. Do you swear by a specific brand for your kitchen appliances? Do you purchase the store brand for most pantry staples but always buy this one particular kind of olive oil? Or maybe you gravitate towards a brand specifically for its pretty packaging? What are your non-negotiables?

A few examples come to mind: you may not be hung up on the brand of trash bags you use (or maybe you are!), but by god if anyone makes you clean your dishes with anything other than Dawn. Or perhaps after one too many disastrous experiences with flaky toasters, you’ve decided Breville’s toaster reigns supreme. Come to think of it, the [insert delicious product name here] from Trader Joe’s is worth driving 20 miles out of the way for. And Vitamix or BlendTec, anyone?

Readers, tell us! What brands or products have your unswerving loyalty?