The Travel Mug That Amazon Shoppers Are Totally Obsessed With

updated Dec 6, 2019
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Credit: Amazon

In theory, travel mugs are a great way to save the planet from disposable cups — that is, until you realize you have yet to find a travel mug that’s held up for more than two months at a time. Because discarded reusable mugs will LITERALLY NEVER DECOMPOSE, we recommend choosing one that’s tried-and-true and will last for years to come. One that stands the test of time (and has the testimonials to prove it)? The Yeti Rambler, which is the bestselling travel mug on all of Amazon.

The 20-ounce stainless steel contraption comes with a “MagSlider Lid,” which locks in liquids. (Keep in mind that it’s splash-proof not spill-proof, though.) Thanks to its double-wall insulation, the Rambler keeps hot drinks hot, and cold drinks cold for hours. It’s also dishwasher-safe, and fits in most cupholders, so you’re good to go.

Credit: Amazon

Buy: Yeti Rambler, $30

It has more than 3,000 ratings (82 percent of which are 5-star) from satisfied Amazon customers. Here’s a snippet.

“It’s everything I was looking for. It’s strong and has a good weight to it. Even with scalding hot coffee inside, you cannot feel the heat while holding the outside of the container. As some people mentioned it is not entirely spill proof, so if you hold it upside down with the slider closed, coffee will come back out, but if you knock it over and pick it up quickly, nothing comes out. And if you knock it over and don’t react fast enough, it will spill slowly enough to not ruin anything (as long as you clean up the drips right away). Another tip: Be aware of how hot your coffee is before taking a sip. Especially when you’re used to feeling the temperature from the outside of a cup, the ‘heat-proof-ness’ can lull you into a false sense of security, and then you can burn your mouth, so think before you sip fresh coffee.”

“Let me start by explaining I am a coffee snob. I usually end up purchasing expensive coffee. But I can’t drink it before I work out. And it sucked when I would finish my workout and find that my ‘insulated’ coffee mug only kept it lukewarm. Ruined my coffee. No longer. Enter the Yeti. This thing keeps my coffee super hot. I also drink a ton of tea. I have to be careful using my Yeti mug because the first time I seriously burned the roof of my mouth and tongue. After I had let it sit on my desk for half an hour. I was suffering through a cold and put my tea on my bedside table, sipping it when I started to cough. It was still warm in the morning (not hot, but certainly warmer than room temperature). I don’t have to work outside, but if I did, this is the mug I would want.”

“I am not a person into designer labels, big names, etc., but I love this tumbler. I can see why this brand is superior to the knock-off brands. First of all, it doesn’t have any interior seams. Second, it is dishwasher safe. Third, it comes with a serial number that is registered with the manufacturer and has a five-year warranty. The lid is extremely easy to open and close with the flip of a thumb — essential if you’re going to use this for driving. Note: If you drop the lid and the slider comes off, it is NOT broken. The slider is magnetic, just pop it back on. I am extremely pleased!”

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