Yes, You Should Be Putting Avocado in Tabbouleh

(Image credit: Kate from Cookie + Kate)

Tabbouleh is a great, no-cook salad to make on hot summer days. It’s light, fresh, and delicious to begin with — but add avocado and serve it in lettuce cups? Now we’re really talking. One taste of this and you’ll never go back to standard tabbouleh.

The beauty of tabbouleh is you don’t actually have to heat up your kitchen to make it. You simply soak bulgur in water until soft, then mix it with a ton of fresh parsley, mint, scallions, cherry tomatoes, fresh lemon juice, and — the best addition ever — avocado.

There’s a lot of chopping involved here, but once you have all your ingredients prepped, you just toss everything together, let it hang out until the flavors meld, and dig in.

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