Yes, There Are Chocolate-Covered Coffee Beans in This Oatmeal

(Image credit: The Vanilla Bean Blog)

In today’s edition of why didn’t I think of that? I bring you mocha oatmeal. That’s right — this simple breakfast dish combines your morning meal and your morning coffee in one bowl. Ingenious!

The key to true coffee flavor in this dish is boiling the oats in 1/2 cup fresh-brewed coffee and 1/2 cup water. Once the oats are cooked, you mix in vanilla extract, finely chopped chocolate-covered coffee beans, grated bittersweet chocolate, and cacao nibs. A drizzle of half and half or milk over everything completes the meal.

The oats will keep you feeling full all morning, and the coffee will give you a nice little buzz. And the chocolate? Well, that will just make you happy.

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