I Said “Yes, Please” to This Coffee Subscription Service and I’m Never Looking Back

updated Feb 5, 2021
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Like many people, I begin my day with a fresh cup of coffee. Each morning my husband grinds the beans, blooms them in the French press, and brings me a piping hot mug at my bedside. It’s a lovely way to wake up. But I have to confess, that I’m pretty picky about my beans. I want to be jolted out of my dream state with a bold, strong brew. So when I find a blend I really enjoy, I don’t like to deviate. But working in the food media biz, I’ve had to sample a lot of coffee over the years. Even with blends from famous roasters, I am almost always disappointed. Some are too light and caramelly, while others taste burnt. To be honest, based on my past experiences, I didn’t have high hopes for Yes Plz Coffee. Well, I am happy to report that I was very wrong!

Made with beans sourced from Guatemala, Honduras, Peru, Colombia, and Ethiopia, the DTC coffee brand’s blends are smooth, flavorful, bold, and delicious. While they have all the caramel notes that I usually reject, they’re well balanced with hints of chocolate and the strength and boldness that I crave. I usually tap out after a couple of cups due to coffee’s high acidity factor, but I didn’t ever run into that feeling with Yes Plz. I found myself going back for more and more until every last drop was gone, which is rare for me. It’s a blend you can truly drink all day.

The extraordinary taste and quality of Yes Plz are thanks to the duo behind the brand: self-proclaimed “coffee weirdo” Tony “Tonx” Konecky and roaster extraordinaire Sumi Ali. Sumi began his roasting career in Atlanta, while Tonx got his start at Victrola in Seattle. (Fun fact: I lived around the block from Victrola around the same time and can vouch for how good the coffee was even back then!) After working for some big industry names – Blue Bottle, Sqirl, LocoL – they both ended up at Intelligentsia in Los Angeles, and in 2018, they joined forces to launch Yes Plz Coffee, a coffee roasting company and subscription service.

The brand is built on the idea that the best coffee can be made in your own home kitchen, and it all starts with the beans. Yes Plz chooses and roasts their blends and ships them right to your door weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly (you choose). Shipping from LA is free, and you can choose between 8.8-ounce bags ($17) that usually brew 15 to 20 cups or 12-ounce bags ($23) that brew anywhere between 18 to 25 cups. You can then customize how often you’d like your bag of freshly roasted beans delivered, and you’re all set!

While I may have finally found a coffee subscription service that’s made my favorite morning routine a whole lot brighter, I’m also excited to surprise the biggest coffee connoisseurs on my gift list with a subscription. Because if you like your coffee as much as I do, you know that nothing beats the joy of waking up to a cup of delicious, bold brew. It’s hands down the best kind of gift there is!

Try out a Yes Plz subscription and let me know what you think in the comments below!