Yes, Beer Hot Tubs Exist

(Image credit: Great Big Story)

Beer is great, but this is a little wacky. Okay, maybe not a little wacky — a lot wacky. Starkenberger Brewery in Austria offers visitors a truly immersive look at their brewing process by doing something crazy: letting guests soak in a hot tub full of the finished product.

According to the video, Starkenberger says the beer is safe to drink — although it is bitter. Even so, who wants to drink beer that people have been sitting in, anyway? I shudder at the thought. Imagining the scent of warm beer alone is a little nauseating.

I love beer, but I also respect it. And to me, well … this just isn’t giving beer the respect it deserves. What do you think? Would you soak in a hot tub full of warm beer? The video claims that it softens your skin, but they suggest that you refrain from showering afterward to retain the full benefits. Just be careful not to get pulled over on your way home, okay?