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The Gourmet Hot Sauce That Finally Got Me Out of My Egg-Eating Rut (Bonus: It’s Not Too Spicy!)

published May 5, 2022
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Credit: Sara Tane

As important as everyone says it is, breakfast has always been my least favorite meal. You see, I go through phases with eggs — some weeks I’ll have an omelette every day, and then all of the sudden the thought of an egg makes me squirm. I think it’s just one of those foods that you love or you hate, and as much as I want to be team egg all the time, I have my moments of aversion. But even when I’m in an anti-egg stage, I still force them down. One, because they’re easy and fast to whip up. Two, because they’re filling before I start the day. And three, because they’re the perfect excuse to indulge in more of my favorite condiment: Yellowbird Serrano Hot Sauce.

I first stumbled upon Yellowbird on the grocery store shelves while visiting Austin, TX. It was even on display for sale at a small luncheonette, so wanting to try out what seemed like a local favorite, I bought myself a mini squeeze bottle of their serrano pepper variety to put to the test. And yes, I said mini squeeze bottle! The brand makes travel sizes, so I got a bottle for my sister who basically uses hot sauce as salad dressing to stash in her purse.

When I tried it on my morning scramble, the tangy condiment was flavorful enough to pull me out of an egg-hating rut. Alas! Breakfast doesn’t have to be so miserable after all. The sauce itself is serrano pepper-based, which is a chili pepper with a little more heat than jalapeños, but overall similar in flavor. In addition, the sauce is packed with cucumbers, limes, vinegar, and a little bit of sugar to balance out the heat perfectly (I love that I could pronounce and identify every ingredient on the label, too). My spice-averse boyfriend even reached for more to douse on his plate, as it’s really more savory than it is hot, making it incredibly versatile. I quickly worked my way through the mini and re-stocked my pantry at home with a 2-pack from Amazon.

And there, I discovered almost 10,000 five-star ratings, so apparently I’m not alone in my love for this hot sauce. With a little more research, I found that the brand’s Bliss & Vinegar flavor was featured on Hot Ones, a Youtube series where celebrities eat really spicy chicken wings. Clearly there was a lot to say about this pantry gem that’s been a game-changer for my otherwise less-than-stellar morning breakfast routine.

When I shared these findings with my Kitchn colleague, Erin Cavoto, I was informed that she too, is a big fan. “The first time I came across Yellowbird was actually at a hole-in-the-wall breakfast spot in South London. I remember being thrilled when I tried the habanero sauce, instantly drawn by the perfect balance of heat from the hot peppers and flavor from the citrus and garlic. And, I was excited to see it was from Texas so I’d be able to buy it stateside! Since then, it’s become a go-to for eggs and avocado toast.”

As for me, I don’t see myself growing out of my serrano hot sauce eggs phase any time soon, but if I do, I know Yellowbird’s flavorful sauces will boost my breakfast routine once again. Their lineup of varieties like Blue Agave Sriracha and even Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce are already speaking to me. But for now, I’ll take a bacon, egg, and cheese on a bagel with Yellowbird’s Serrano Hot Sauce any day.