Yay or Nay? Setting a Kiddie Table at Holiday Dinners

updated Sep 20, 2022
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There was always a kiddie table growing up, and graduating to the grown-up table was considered quite a big deal. (And as the youngest in a large extended family, it was a very big deal.) Now that we’re the grown-ups in charge of seating arrangements, what do you think about the kids’ table?

As fond as I am of my memories of that first meal at the grown-up table, I find myself questioning the whole idea of a kid’s table at holiday meals. For one thing, does it really work?! It’s a nice idea that the adults can have a moment sans children while the youngsters amuse each other in the corner. But since kids’ ideas of amusing each other often calls for adult intervention, the peaceful meal rarely seems to last for long.

Besides, I really enjoy hanging out with my mini-sized relations! Having everyone, young and old, engaging with each other at the table feels fun and festive to me. It also seems easier for the parents to hold a conversation when they’re not always listening for what’s happening at the other table.

But that’s me and my extended family. What do you think about having a special kiddie table?

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