We Tested Dozens of Trash Cans, and This Sleek, Airtight Model Is the Best at Keeping Out Odors and Pests

published Aug 2, 2023
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Not all trash cans are built the same, which is why we test so many of them at The Kitchn. Where you live, what you cook, and your cleaning habits are all factors that contribute to the type of trash can you need at home. When it comes to your kitchen, specifically, you don’t want to cut corners in trash collecting. Choosing a kitchen trash can that’s not a good fit could result in disgusting odors or icky spills and stains, inconvenient leaks, and difficulty taking the trash out. Worst of all, it could attract bugs. That’s why you need a sturdy kitchen trash can that’s well-sealed, blocks odor, and isn’t a challenge to move around as needed. It doesn’t hurt if that trash can is also aesthetically pleasing, especially if it’s going to be out in the open and not hidden inside a cabinet.

Editor-loved brand Yamazaki is one place you must check out if you’re looking for sleek and chic home organization supplies. Their products are as effective as they are stylish, and that’s why it’s one of the first stops editors — including myself — make when shopping for the bathroom, home office, closet storage and more. Even better, they have a variety of trash cans to suit any room in the home. One that’s earned huge points with AT editors is the compact Airtight Rolling Trash Can from the brand’s Tower Collection.

What Is the Airtight Rolling Trash Can?

Simple yet spectacular, Yamazaki’s Airtight Rolling Trash Can is a must-have for minimalists. It measures 16.73 inches by 16.14 inches and it’s fully contained — all of its ingenious features are hidden to give it a clean and small space-friendly silhouette. Available in black or white, the trash can has a steel ring on the inside to hold trash bags and caster wheels underneath to move it around with ease. It has a capacity of 6.6 gallons; however, it’s narrow enough to place two together to take care of both trash and recycling. Above all else, what has shoppers raving is its airtight lid that successfully keeps bugs and other pests out of the trash. In addition to keeping out unwanted visitors, the removable seal also helps to block odors from stinking up your kitchen. Durable, portable, stealthy, and sleek — what more do you need?

Credit: Charli Penn

Why Editors Love the Airtight Rolling Trash Can

“This trash can is beyond impressive! It’s compact and small enough to fit under a kitchen sink but also holds a good amount of trash before you need to change the bag. The airtight lid helps me sleep well at night knowing that pests won’t stand a chance getting inside. It’s also super sleek and blends in seamlessly with any decor. It even has wheels so if you can’t decide where to put it, you can roll it on over to the next location. People won’t stop asking me where I found it. It’s a keeper for sure.

P.S. The airtight lid is SO good, you may forget you have trash in the can, because you won’t smell a thing. Be careful! Ha!”

— Charli, Apartment Therapy Executive Lifestyle Director

What Yamazaki Reviewers Are Saying

“I was searching for a trash can with a lid that would fit under the kitchen counter. I’m so happy I found Yamazaki! Not only does this can fit, the lid is snug, and the can is so stylish, I won’t mind if it’s sitting out in my kitchen! Love, love, love!” — Shannon B.

“I bought this to keep “visitors” from turning up in my non air tight kitchen trash can. It’s handsome and functional and air tight. So yay for that. I have two minor criticisms. It’s so light though that until you have some trash in it for weight the whole thing lifts up some while you are trying to open the lid up. I do wish the bottom front had a little lip to put your foot to hold the can down when you lift the lid.” — Carroll B.

“We bought this trash can because we live in NYC and I want to do everything I can to avoid getting cockroaches in my apartment. Open trash cans are the number one culprit in attracting pests, so I looked far and wide for an airtight trash can and found this one. It’s stylish, well-made and easy to open/close. Of course I miss not having a foot pedal to open the can when my hands are full, but it’s not a big deal. I love how the liner is completely hidden behind the metal liner holder.” — Amber L.