The Game-Changing Storage Container That Helps Me Pack 15 Pounds of Dog Food into a Tiny Space

published Jan 8, 2024
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I’ve had dogs most of my life, and for as long as I can remember, storing their food has always been a production. Most of the time, I’ve either had to pour dog food out of a big bag or scoop kibble out of a rather large container that we got with a kit of puppy essentials from the vet years ago. With over a decade of wear and tear, our big dog food bin has seen better days. Its lid is cracking, it’s missing part of a foot, and being shoved in a corner of the room has caused it to look a bit worse for wear these days. So, I figured it was time to start shopping around for a new one.

It didn’t take me very long to find a replacement dog food storage bin, thanks to my fellow pet owners at The Kitchn. I found out about the Airtight Pet Food Storage Container from Yamazaki through a list of editor-favorite storage containers for pets, and couldn’t have made a better choice for my purchase.

What is the Airtight Pet Food Storage Container?

Yamazaki’s Airtight Pet Food Storage Container is a key solution for space-saving pet products. Available in three sizes, it’s surprisingly compact for the amount of food that it holds. The small (11.02 inches by 4.8 inches) holds roughly three pounds of dry pet food, the medium (11.81 inches by 7.55 inches) holds roughly eight pounds of food, and the large (12.1 inches by 12.28 inches) holds roughly 15 pounds of food. The container also has a subtle and modern silhouette that comes in either white or black, which blends in seamlessly with any decor.

Despite its boxy shape, this pet food container has a sloped interior to ensure you can reach those last few pieces of kibble at the bottom without an issue. However, if you do have to lift it, the large container weighs less than three pounds on its own. When there’s food inside, you can use the side-grip handle to tote it around easily.

Credit: Britt Franklin

Why I Love the Airtight Pet Food Storage Container

I can’t say enough how impressed I am by the size of the Airtight Pet Food Storage Container. When it first arrived, I thought for sure they’d sent the wrong one. There was no way a 15-pound bag of IAMS dog food was going to fit into this tiny box. However, once I started pouring the food and saw how empty the bag was getting when the container wasn’t nearly full, I’d never been more happy to be wrong. To be fair, I still had a day’s worth of dog food in the bag after filling the storage container, but as Yamazaki states, “capacity depends on the brand of pet food.” Also, waiting a day before tossing the empty bag out wasn’t a big deal.

In addition to its size, I also love that this durable, sleek, and stylish container comes with a measuring scoop and that it has a built-in handle for convenient portability. The top is see-through, so you can see how full it is whether it’s open or closed, and it also clicks to lock in place so I can be sure that the food is properly sealed in. It’s easily one of the best purchases I’ve made not only for my pets but to also save space in my home. No more giant containers or hefty bags of food around here — I’ve moved on to smaller and better things!