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This Super-Useful Rolling Cart Helped Me Squeeze More Storage Space into My Kitchen

published Feb 24, 2022
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Credit: Lauren Kolyn

If you asked me to share all the things I adore about my kitchen, I’d have a few strong ideas right off the bat: the amazing morning light, the restored hardwood floors, the stone countertops, and my easy-to-clean stainless steel appliances. One thing that definitely wouldn’t make the list? The (basically non-existent) storage. 

My galley kitchen has plenty of drawers, including a few deep ones, along with a couple of cabinets. Sadly, though, there’s no dedicated pantry — so I have to get creative with storing my staples, especially after a big grocery haul. Until recently, I used one deep drawer for cooking ingredients (canned foods, flour, sugar, and the like) and another for snacks. For the most part, the system has worked, but it was tight, and I always spent more time than I wanted digging for a can of coconut milk or a box of crackers. 

Credit: Ashley Abramson
The deep drawer I used to store our snacks in.

As an upgrade, I’ve been entertaining the idea of DIYing a “pantry” for extra storage, ideally a bar cart that would fit under a shelf next to my fridge (bonus points if it matched my kitchen’s oak-and-white aesthetic). After scouring the internet, I finally found a promising option: the convenient Tosca Rolling Kitchen Island Cart from Yamazaki Home, the Japanese household brand.

I’ve always loved Yamazaki Home’s minimal aesthetic, and this specific storage cart just spoke to me. I envisioned taking all the kids’ snacks out of the drawer and tucking the cart next to my fridge to create a grab-and-go station. It’d be better for the kids and free up space in the drawer. I couldn’t order this thing fast enough!

The cart came in two boxes: one for the cart itself, and one for the basket, which goes on the bottom rack. It was pretty easy to set up — my husband did it in less than 15 minutes. I immediately rolled it beneath the shelf adjacent to my fridge (where it fit perfectly!) and transferred the kids’ snacks, which were already in baskets and storage containers, onto the cart. The bottom of the cart has hooks on it (I hung bananas on it for now), and I put extra bags and boxes of snacks in the basket. 

Credit: Ashley Abramson
My new pantry snack cart — ready for my hungry kids!

I’ve been using this new system for a week, and everyone seems happy with it. The snack baskets are visible all of the time, which is super convenient — my kids can see what’s on offer without making a mess in the drawer, and I’m able to replenish them before anyone says anything. The best part, though, is suddenly having more drawer space. I moved a bunch of the canned and boxed foods from my other pantry drawer, and I’ve noticed it’s much less frustrating to find dinner ingredients!

My 5-year-old’s only complaint is that the snacks are farther away now, but the good news is that the cart is literally on wheels — so it can go wherever we want! My only complaint is that it’s not the sturdiest piece, but it’s strong enough for what I’m using it for. Aside from those minor cons, the cart is all pro for me and my family. I love that it matches my home and makes kitchen storage life a whole lot easier.

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