This Space-Saving Solution Will Revolutionize Any Coffee Lover’s Kitchen

published Nov 16, 2022
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Credit: Joe Lingeman

Here at the Kitchn, we’ve been serious fans of the design-forward home storage brand Yamazaki for years now. And, if you’ve even so much as taken a look at the brand’s stylish storage solutions, chances are, you have also found yourself totally infatuated. What sets this editor-favorite brand apart from its competitors is the merging of the smart, thought-out details and pleasantly minimal aesthetics that results in tons of organizers and tools which would improve the functionality of any and every room.

So, please (especially if you’re a coffee lover), gather around a little closer, since there’s a Yamazaki find that we just stumbled upon, and you’re gonna want the scoop. Check out this compact, clutter-free, and super-cute contraption that’ll keep your coffee filters neat and tidy: Yamazaki’s Coffee Filter Case.

The simple contraption allows you to stack #1 and #2 coffee filters that you’d use for pour-over coffee and snuggle them into a two-sided suspended holder. Not only does this design make the filters easily accessible (just lift the handle and take grab one) it’ll keep your drawers and cabinets clutter free. Anyone whose coffee habit includes the paper cones knows that things don’t stay in a neat and tidy stack all on their own. In fact, if you have filters in your kitchen right now, they’re liekly haphazardly scattered in a drawer, or worse, somewhat scrambled in, around, and beneath whatever else they share a cabinet with. Plus, because this solution stores the filter in a closed case, they’ll be safe from any dust or other particles which might otherwise make their way through the brewing process and into your cup — yuck!

Credit: Yamazaki

Constructed with the signature Yamazaki combo of thin, matte-white steel and clean, light wood, the holder is just 2 inches wide and 7 inches deep. In other words, it’ll look elegant and smart while taking up virtually no space on your countertops at all. It might even inspire you to create a little coffee corner on your countertop. Styling courtesy of Yamazaki? I’ll take it!

Because this game-changing find is only $26, there’s really no reason why it shouldn’t have a place (or two, or three) on your gift checklist. Just think how happy this sleek, simple, and innovative solution would make the coffee-drinker in your life. It’ll really espresso how much you bean to them.