7 Finds from Yamazaki’s Secret Sale Section That’ll Tidy Up Your Kitchen, According to an Organizing Editor

published Apr 5, 2023
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Credit: Lana Kenney

If there’s one brand I’m totally loyal to, it’s Yamazaki Home. Since discovering the homeware company several years back, they’ve become my go-to destination for organizational solutions that are sleek, unobtrusive, and timeless.

From stylish towel storage (really!) to a double-decker dish rack that actually makes chores manageable, the minimalistic brand is consistently impressing me with its simple yet effective solutions. They’re routinely innovating, coming up with ideas and methods for tackling particular pain points at home that you didn’t even realize you had been dealing with for years (yes, laundry doesn’t have to be hard!). And while some of their stuff is on the pricier side, I always know I’m investing in a long-term organizational solution that will stand the test of time in my home.

But hey — it doesn’t hurt to snag a few things on sale every once in a while, right? If you’ve had your eye on a few Yamazaki goodies — or just want to get your home in tip-top shape during a marathon spring cleaning session — now is the time to do so. The brand is holding a final sale on some of its best-selling items, so you can score an additional 30% off. Not sure where to start? We’re rounding up our favorites below, including several picks from our resident Cleaning & Organizing Editor Stephanie. Get ready for your love affair with Yamazaki to begin (that is, if it hasn’t already).

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Yamazaki Home
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"If you don't have a dedicated space for cleaning supplies, this cart is a great way to mimic that," says Stephanie. "I love that you can roll it around wherever you need it." Made of sturdy steel and cleverly placed on castor wheels, this comprehensive cleaning cart will totally transform the way you tidy your home. It features a myriad of elements designed to keep all your cleaning gear tidy, including a rack for bins, hooks for mops, and more. It can hold over 80 pounds (!!) so you can pile it high without worry.

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Yamazaki Home
was $17.00

Sometimes the simplest solutions are the most beautiful. Case in point: This sleek and streamlined napkins holder tackles the age-old issue of floppy paper napkins. Its graphic square shape would be perfectly at home on a modern tablescape, with thin lines and your choice of white or black metal. "I'm excited to start entertaining more this summer, so this napkin holder caught my eye," says Stephanie. "Instead of having guests hold napkins under their plates, I like that this keeps it all in one place and barely takes up any space on the table."

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Yamazaki Home
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If you call somewhere wet and damp home, you probably cart around an umbrella pretty frequently — and may find you have no stylish place to stash it once you walk through the front door. This simple stand solves that for you, all while looking like it walked right out of a chic London hotel. Two rungs boast ample room for umbrellas big and small, while four hooks allow room for extras. "This rack bottles grab-and-go ease, and I love that the extra hooks can be used for dog leashes or tote bags," says Stephanie. The best part? The drip tray at the base keeps your floors from getting wet.

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Yamazaki Home
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Spices can be a serious culprit when it comes to creating kitchen chaos, so any item that can help tame the beast gets five stars in our book. This Yamazaki rack is slim and simple, with an elegant design that keeps all your favorite spices in plain view (and prevents them from tipping over). "When I read this story about Yamazaki's stylist spice rack, it was an instant 'add to cart' moment for me," says Stephanie. "I want to revamp the spices in my pull-out spice cabinet so badly, and now that this is on sale, it's giving me the push to do so."

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Yamazaki Home
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As any parent knows, with kids comes stuff — a lot of stuff. And, oftentimes, the products available for organizing said stuff can be childish or garish (think: bright primary colors or cheap plastic). That’s where Yamazaki does things differently: Their rolling diaper stacker moonlights as a simplistic side table, with a lid that flips open to reveal a fresh stack of diapers any time nature calls. "With Mother's Day around the corner, you may want to shop for gifts," says Stephanie. "For the new mom in your life, this diaper stacker could be a practical and stylish way to welcome their newborn home."

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Yamazaki Home
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Single-compartment utensil holders might be compact, but they're more likely to get your spoons and ladles in a tangle. Fortunately, this no-frills find has two roomy compartments to help avoid jams, and it still remains slim! "I love the modern look of this Utensil Holder, as well as its functionality," Stephanie notes. "It keeps your items together in a no-topple holder and features a spout at the bottom to easily drain water into the sink."

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Yamazaki Home
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"If you’ve ever struggled to run back and forth from your cookbook to your pan while cooking, then you need this Undershelf Tablet and Cookbook Holder," Stephanie remarks. When you hang this sturdy contraption from one of your top cabinets, it also remains at eye level, so you're not hunching over to read the recipe. It also saves counter space — plus, "you can store the cookbook for later right in the shelf, too," Stephanie adds.