This 2-in-1 Magnetic Organizer Is the Ultimate Solution for Tiny Kitchens

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Yamazaki Home Magnetic Organizer with Clips
Credit: Yamazaki Home

In all the apartments I’ve ever lived in — seven in total — I’ve had a perpetual struggle with kitchen storage space. The issue is not that I don’t have room to store all my tools, cookware, and appliances. Rather, it’s that I can’t keep them where I need them to be. The good storage spots that are reachable without crouching down or standing on top of a stepladder are few and far between, so I always end up having to decide which items I really want to be able to grab easily and which ones I’m willing to put in inconvenient, hard-to-reach places.

I’ve accepted that for bigger items in my kitchen, this will probably be the case for me forever. But, I was curious to see if I could find something that can take everyday ingredients such as cooking oil and soy sauce out of my cabinets and put them in arm’s reach (without overtaking what little counter space I have). My search led me to this magnetic organizing rack from Yamazaki Home, and it seems like just the thing I need to squeeze more utility out of my tiny kitchen.

Like so many of the brilliant household storage devices and organizers that Yamazaki Home makes, this one has magnetic backing so you can stick it to your fridge and start using it right out of the box. Similar to their original magnetic storage basket, this model primarily consists of a slim shelf with a metal railing around it so it can hold bottles, jars, and cans without risk of them knocking over. However, this model also includes a bar with four hanging clips that you can either leave on the rack to hold bags, towels, or coupons, or remove to keep bags of snacks and dry ingredients fresh in your pantry. That’s two types of organizers in one!

At about 3.5 inches deep and 12 inches long, this magnetic rack is the ideal size for salt and pepper grinders, olive oil bottles, and other cooking liquids and seasonings that you use on a daily basis. It puts them all in a reachable place that’s out in the open and doesn’t ask you to sacrifice any counter space, which I love. The rack can carry just under 4.5 pounds and each hook can support up to half a pound, so you’ll just want to be careful not to overload it and have it start sliding down your fridge. But, that weight limit should be high enough to let you store your most essential items. When our former contributor Erin Cavoto tested Yamazaki’s original storage basket, she found it comfortably held her olive oil, protein powder, coffee, and more.

Credit: Yamazaki Home

My favorite thing about this nifty organizer may be obvious, but it’s worth highlighting. Because it’s held up by one big magnet, you don’t have to drill any holes into your walls or worry about damaging any surfaces when you hang it up. And, if you realize later that this might actually be a better fit on the side of your washing machine or on a freezer in your garage, you can move it without a problem! Yamazaki does a great job of adding this kind of versatility into their product designs, which is why they’re one of our favorite sources for home storage solutions.

Add one of these renter-friendly organizers to your kitchen and see the difference it makes. Once you realize how much more convenient it is to be able to reach your most-used ingredients without opening your cabinets or going into your pantry, you won’t know how you went so long without it.