The Ultra-Chic Magnetic Organizer That Instantly Corralled My Coffee Filters

published Jul 14, 2023
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Credit: Chinasa Cooper

As a shopping editor, I’ve collected so much coffee over the years (and accessories to accompany my java) I could probably open my own shop at this point. So yes, that means my kitchen cabinets are busting at the seams. I like to make my morning cup differently almost every day. I’ll switch from a French Press to a single pour-over to the instant stuff — yes, I’ve actually found a good version that gives that icky grocery store version a run for its money. While I’m still on the hunt for a space-saving way to store my actual coffee beans, I recently solved a different issue: storing my coffee filters.

For the last year, I’ve kept my single-serve coffee filters in the plastic packaging they came in, and it’s been a total nightmare to store in my kitchen cabinets. The plastic is torn to shreds and barely keeps the filters together. When I’m done grabbing one, I simply shove the pack into the cabinet wherever I can find a tiny crevice that they’ll fit in. But I recently discovered Yamazaki’s Magnetic Coffee Filter Case, and it makes reaching for my filter each morning way less stressful.

What Is the Yamazaki Coffee Filter Case?

This sturdy, magnetic organizer from editor-favorite Japanese organizing brand Yamazaki perfectly holds my single coffee filters (it fits size 04 filters, specifically). I attached it to the side of my fridge, so it’s completely out of view. The upright, steel design prevents your filters from getting crumpled in a drawer or cabinet, so you can reach for a crisp filter every time. The wooden rod inside the container also keeps them together, so it looks neat and tidy. Best of all, no assembly is required — simply stick it on a magnetic surface once you unbox it, and you’re ready to make your morning coffee session a lot easier.

Credit: Tamara Kraus
Credit: Yamazaki

Why I Love the Yamazaki Coffee Filter Case

When I’m half asleep in the morning, the last thing I want to do is dig around my kitchen cabinets to find a coffee filter. Yamazaki’s sleek and durable coffee filter case has completely eliminated that stressor, so my mornings can run smoother. I also love that it keeps my filters nice and crisp — because there’s nothing worse than wrinkled filters. While I have it hidden on the side of my fridge, the design is so chic that I wouldn’t mind having it displayed proudly. The magnetic design also makes it a breeze to attach and remove.

And I’m not the only one who’s blown away by this nifty product. One reviewer raved: “The coffee filter holder is a dream come true. It attaches neatly to the side of my Yamakazi bread box. Both have really strong magnets. Now my morning coffee ritual is stream-lined and attractive!”

At just $27, this small, but mighty product packs a punch. If you’re looking to upgrade your entire coffee routine, Yamazaki also make a bunch of other equally gorgeous and functional items that’ll upgrade your kitchen.